KnightFest 2017 – DNCE 

The University of Central Florida hosted its annual “KnightFest” on March 30th. Each year, UCF invites a special music artist to throw an awesome performance and this year, DNCE had that honor.

After the turbulent break-up of the Jonas Brothers back in 2013, Joe Jonas put together DNCE, a dance-rock band with 3 other members: Cole Whittle on bass, JinJoo Lee on guitar, and Jack Lawless on drums. 

Initially, people had no idea that Joe Jonas was in DNCE, and to this day there are some that are shocked to find out that he is the lead singer. I believe that this goes hand in hand with the success of DNCE. Not only are they reeling in old fans of the Jonas Brothers, but they are able to reach out to a totally new crowd, just as they were on Thursday night at the CFE Arena. 

I had the opportunity to meet the band before the show. After walking into the CFE Arena through a special entrance, I was to stand in line with fellow VIP holders until we were called into a different room for the photo-op. Once it was my turn to meet DNCE, I walked up and asked if we could take a regular picture as well as a final bow pose, both of which came out pretty awesome if you ask me! 

After the meet and greet, we were the first to be escorted into the arena. I picked out my seat for the night and munched on some nachos before it was time for DNCE to take the stage. Haha! 

DNCE practically ran on stage with light sabers and Darth Vader masks as if they were on an episode of Star Wars, and the crowd went wild! They went on to sing along to fan favorites like Toothbrush,Pay My Rent, Cake by the Ocean, and even a medley of some old tunes from the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. 

KnightFest 2017 did not disappoint. It was a night filled with great music. I enjoyed covering the event and I look forward to another incredible DNCE show in the future. 

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