Photo Editing 101 

Post-production is all about enhancing the photographs that you have already captured. Think about adding a filter to your Instagram post: you end up wanting to either brighten up or darken the original image. Editing does not require an expensive set of equipment and computer programs. Instead, you can easily achieve the same results from editing your photos right before your fingertips with your smartphone.

The three iPhone apps that I rely on for photo editing would have to be as follow: 

#1 – Canon Camera Connect

As technology has improved, it has become easier to import your photos from your camera straight to your iPhone. Most cameras today can be used as a hotspot. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to the camera just as if it were a WiFi network. Next, open the Canon Camera Connect app and you will be greeted with a vast amount of options. Not only can you import your pictures to your phone, but you are also able to shoot remotely. Luckily, this type of software is available on different brands of cameras as well. No matter what the case, you’ll be able to share your pictures to your phone in just a few clicks.

#2 – Afterlight 

Let the fun begin! Afterlight is a stable app that allows you to choose from dozens of different filters. You will be able to crop your pictures into different sizes as well as frame them into a variety of shapes to display the proper angle. Creativity never goes out of style when you have the chance to tweak your images with textures such as patterns, colors and depth.

#3 – Phonto 

After all of your hard work from capturing to editing the photograph, it would be horrible if someone went ahead and took credit for it. That is why the final step in post-production is adding a watermark to your image. It is a good idea to include your username as a way for people to see exactly who took the picture and where to find your portfolio online. Phonto is a great app that makes it possible for you to adjust the size and color of text. You will be allowed to move your custom text around freely along the image into the position that works best. Ultimately, you will draw attention to the photographer and people will get to find more work from the person behind the lens.

As can be seen, users can become familiar with post-production without having to empty their wallets. With a bit of practice, you’ll become a photo editing wiz in as easy as 1-2-3!

2 thoughts on “Photo Editing 101 

  1. I always wondered how people get their pictures the way they do on Instagram! Now maybe I can be an Instagram star also. I appreciate that you linked the apps so that it was super easy to download. I think it would’ve been nice if you showed off some of your work and showed us some of your before and after pictures of editing!


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