The Truth Behind Filters

When you add a filter to a photograph, it’s most definitely the cherry on top. Filters give pictures a total makeover! Today I’ve decided to show you all how filters can alter the meaning behind photographs. 

My favorite editing app Camera+ because it allows you to adjust the intensity of each filter. Here is a picture that I took at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort: 

Now take a look at how we can transform this picture by adding filters! 

Although this picture is black & white, you can still see different shades of those colors. Subtle tones bring depth into the image. 

Adding the grunge filter to the photograph makes it look older. I like this filter because it portrays a vintage message. 

HDR is pretty cool because it makes pictures look artistic by sharpening the details. This filter can actually make a photo look more like a painting. 

I enjoyed adding the ‘Faded’ filter to this picture because it was kind of like the black & white, but adding light detail to the colors. It was a soft pastel touch.

As you can see, adding filters to pictures definitely changes the overall meaning behind photographs. Adding a simple filter will portray a different purpose to your pictures. 

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