#UOAP Photography Adventure

I guess that you could say that I have been putting my Universal Orlando Annual Pass to good use!

With both my Canon 70D and trusty 10-18MM lens in hand, I was able to capture peculiar areas of the park.

Top 5 of my favorite pictures from my trip to Universal Studios starting in 3…2…1!

I couldn’t help but take advantage of this shot since it almost always seems as if a tourist decides to sit on the steps while taking a quick break from the action at UO!

Having to choose between these two pictures was a pain… so I’ve decided on adding both! The alley caught my eye, and I found myself walking in. It amazes me how much detail is put into the backlot areas.


Although I’ve walked by this dock a countless number of times, I’ve never actually stopped to take a picture. I’m glad I was able to do so during this trip because I’m in love with the colorful details.


Two empty benches outside of London… that’s strange. It’s probably because all of the “juggles” are crossing over to Diagon Alley! Loved this shot because the London of Universal Studios Orlando definitely takes my breath away!


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