Photo App of the Week: PicMonkey 

Ever find yourself gazing through the App Store in search of new and helpful photo editing apps? I feel as if this is what I tend to do on a daily basis. It is for that reason that I’ve decided to share with you all a new app that I have found and why it has gained the title for my favorite photography app of the week! 

A little over a year ago, I came across the website, while searching for an editing software. I instantly fell in love with its vast amount of features ranging from the ability to add cool and trendy text with an endless amount of fonts as well as transforming my photographs with detailed textures, stickers, and filters. As much as I enjoyed visiting the website, I hoped to find an app similar to its abilities where I could edit directly on my phone or tablet. I guess you could imagine my excitement when I spotted the familiar PicMonkey logo on the front page of the App Store this week.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with how easy it was to maneuver around the app. Every feature is pretty straightforward, allowing for easy access to your photo editing needs. 
One of my favorite features is that you are able to crop into the dimensions for social media posts such as a Facebook cover photo along with that of a Twitter header. You no longer need to keep guessing to see whether or not your desired pictures fit into your social media account exactly how you envision them. 

Additionally, the adjust window has quick and simple ways to transform your images. Check out this shot just by using the ‘Clarity’ button. What a difference! The photograph is far more brighter than the original and the colors have been enhanced to vibrant shades. 

Would you rather have your pick at different filters? That’s okay because PicMonkey showcases a large amount of filters that you can choose from. The app also gives you the chance to adjust the intensity of the filter on your photograph. Isn’t that awesome?

Another great aspect of the PicMonkey app is that you can draw directly on your pictures! Whether it’s to write a word or doodle a design, demonstrate your artistic capabilities! Can’t draw? That’s no problem because the app also includes stickers. There is a library full of different stickers that you can use. Just plop one down and see for yourself! 

No picture is complete without proper text. What I loved most about this feature is that you can make your text as big or as small as you’d like. Other apps tend to have a limit on those numbers, but I’m glad that PicMonkey understands the need for large and small text. They also include many colorful fonts to choose from, as well as the opportunity to change up style of the text. I’m giving this feature two thumbs up! 

Ultimately, the PicMonkey iOS app has stayed true to its website. It is obvious this this photo editing app has little to no limitations as you are free to do pretty much whatever you please. I recommend that you all take a look at this app if you are eager to edit your pictures into some incredible images! 

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