Rising Stars Award Ceremony 2017

On Tuesday of this past week, I had the opportunity to cover the Rising Stars Award Ceremony that was hosted by Step Up For Students, a scholarship funding organization for low-income families and children with special needs.

Over fifty private schools gathered at Winners Primary School in Southern Orange County to shine some light on outstanding faculty members and families as well as high achieving students from each of their schools. 

It was fascinating to see each administrator give a few words on their nominees. Phrases such as ‘hardworking and a blessing to our school’ echoed across the cafeteria where the event was held that evening.

It can be noted that recognizing those that strive for success is essential in providing a better school environment. Not only that, but it will make others put in more effort in order to achieve in the upcoming year. 

After receiving their medals, each student went on to thank those who donate the funds for scholarships to Step Up For Students. Representatives from United Health Care, Iberia Bank, Walgreens, and Lynch Oil were all but a few of the donors that attended the event. 

As a grand finale, students were selected to pose alongside representatives from Iberia Bank with a new donation of 2.5 million dollars for scholarships! 

This event truly showcased the significance behind education. We must understand that the students of today will be the ones to run our country in the future. That is why it is so important to see donors step in and benefit educational options for teachers, students, and their families. 

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