Epcot’s Inaugural Event: ‘Festival of the Arts’ 

To start off the year, Walt Disney World’s, Epcot, is hosting the first ever ‘Festival of the Arts.’ Food, paintings, art classes, and Broadway performances are all but a few of the things you’ll be able spot at the event each weekend from now until February 20th. 

After visiting the event several times, here are the highlights from this one of a kind experience at Epcot’s ‘Festival of the Arts’ 

#1 – Odyssey Center

The Odyssey Center is home to the artistic exhibits of Mary Blair and Herbert Ryman. Each exhibit portrays beautiful works of art based on the interests of each artist.

“South of the Border with Mary Blair” illustrates concept art along with her interest in vibrant water colors. 

The work of Herbert Ryman is beautifully displayed as futuristic. His work was what ultimately inspired the theme park, Epcot, or as it was originally named, Project X. 

After viewing and analyzing so many paintings, you’re sure to get hungry. That’s why it’s good to stop by the Odyssey Center for a treat. The Painter’s Palate sells meals, snacks and drinks to please your taste buds! 

#2 – Pop-up Artists 

How cool is it that each weekend throughout the course of the festival, there are different artists displaying their work? All around the World Showcase, you’ll be able to walk into tents that are filled with masterpieces. Disney Fine Art is breathtaking because these artists put their own twist on the characters that you know and love. The best part is that if you find something you would truly love to frame in your living room, you’ll be able to do so! Whether it’s a small postcard or a large wall piece, all of the art that is displayed at Epcot’s ‘Festival of the Arts’ is up for sale! 

#3 – Animation Academy 

It’s time to get in on the fun! When visiting Innovations, you’ll be able to witness firsthand what it’s like to be an artist with special classes and exhibits to enhance creativity.

Colortopia is an experience like none other. From the moment you enter the queue, it’s almost as if you have been warped into a world of color. With new technology, you grab onto a paintbrush and virtually paint different landscapes with a variety of color palettes. 

The ‘Festival of the Arts’ offers a vast amount of art classes to practice different techniques. From learning how to sketch your favorite Disney characters like Stitch and Olaf to shooting the perfect fireworks photos at the nightly show, you’ll be able grasp some artistic knowledge when visiting the Animation Academy.

Epcot’s ‘Festival of the Arts’ is a fun and creative event for all ages interested in the world of art. The Disney Parks have been known to go all out with the different events that they host, and this festival does not disappoint! Well done, Disney! 

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