The Art of Instant Cameras

Photography is about having fun, and what more fun can you have than with the latest instant cameras that have been released to the market? In recent years, instant film cameras have become quite the rave amongst the younger crowd. They print out credit card sized photographs for easy storage. Many people enjoy them for party guests to capture memories of the event. Additionally, teenagers take them on trips for fun and quirky pictures with friends. From selfies to landscapes, having an instant camera can take the stress away from attempting to take perfect portraits. 

I own the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. The difference between this camera along with other instamatics is that it has manual settings. Rather than hoping that the photograph prints out in good lighting, the photographer is able to adjust certain settings such as flash and exposure. It is a great model for those interested in stepping away from beginner instant cameras. 

The best feature of owning an instant camera would have to be watching your photographs print out and develop in less than a minute. Film comes in different colors and designs, which means that creativity is endless! 

Looking for ways to display your instant pictures? What I ended up doing was make a scrapbook with a few of my favorite pictures from a convention that I went to recently! I decorated with stickers, ribbons and glitter… which enhanced my pictures in so many ways! This journal is like a capsule of fun memories thanks to my instant film. 

It is important to realize that photography isn’t always about having the biggest and most expensive equipment. You can easily reminisce on the past with little instant pictures. As a result, a photograph on instant film might even mean more to you than a professional portrait taken on a big camera. 

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