Golden Hour – Best Time to Take Pictures

Want to impress your friends with incredible outdoor photography shots?




Golden Hour iOS/Android Application


The ‘Golden Hour’ is referred to a time that takes place during sunrise and sunset. The light is a lot softer than when it is bright and beaming down from the sky. It can make it seem as if your photos already have filters on them, when in reality it is just the magic of the ‘Golden Hour.’

I have been on countless trips to Washington D.C., taking photographs of the monuments just as any other tourist would do. When I visited in September of 2016, I wanted to take my photos to the next level. That was when I decided to download the Golden Hour iPhone Application. This app tells you exactly when the period takes place in the area that you are in.

I only had 1 hour to take my pictures, and I needed to travel through the National Mall. How was I going to accomplish this? Well, I went ahead and rented a bicycle from a company named, Capital Bikeshare. I hurried through the National Mall on my bike and snapped pictures as I went around, feeling happy with the progress that I was making.

No jokes aside, this application was a must-have! It helped tremendously in letting me know how much time I had and what angles I could be taking better pictures in.


Here are a few of my favorite shots from my bike-riding adventure through the National Mall at the ‘Golden Hour.’

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