How Did I Get Into Photography?

As a little girl, I always found myself flipping through the pages of the scrapbooks that my mother used to make. There was just something special to me when it came to gazing at each photograph on the different pages of her scrapbooks. Sometimes she would even let me borrow her disposable camera to take my own pictures, decorating certain pages with the images that I took.

Time progressed and so did the camera market, releasing small digital cameras with memory cards. My parents got me a red Kodak EasyShare camera, and I was ecstatic! I took the camera everywhere I went, making sure to take pictures of everything I crossed paths with. From going to the beach to taking photos of my dogs, I had quite the variety of different images stored onto my memory card.

The moment that I realized I wanted to pursue professional photography was when I was 13 years old. After years of dying to see my favorite artists in person, I was finally getting the chance to see the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato with front row tickets to the show! To this day, I look back at those pictures and smile because I know this when I had found a passion. Capturing moments from concerts was what I wanted to do with my photography work.

Jonas Brothers – Daytona Beach, FL 2010
Demi Lovato – Daytona Beach, Florida 2010

7 years later and I still look back on that concert as what truly turned on the photography light bulb in my head.

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