My Favorite Photography Books

You can never judge a book by it’s cover, but with photography… that’s another story. Flipping through the pages of different photography books is just what I consider as my cup of tea. There is nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to view the work of other artists in a published book. 

After countless trips to my local bookstore to look through the photography and arts section, here are my top 3 photography books! 

#1 – Keegan Allen 

This book revolves around Keegan Allen’s photography journey. From sharing pictures from first film camera to on-set photographs with the cast from his hit television show, ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ I’d have to mark this book as one of my favorites. 

#2 Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs – Henry Carroll 

Think of this book as the photography version of Ann Hadley’s “Everybody Writes.” Each page covers fantastic techniques that can be helpful toward improving your photography skills. 

#3 Nasty Galaxy – Sophia Amoruso

Created as if it were a scrapbook, Sophia Amoruso has transformed the world of fashion and photography by teleporting readers into a different ‘galaxy.’ It seems to be based on a great Instagram account, with story-like captions and a consistent theme from start to finish!

If you are interested in taking up photography as a hobby, it is essential to find books that can enhance your creativity. On this note, photography books allow you to experiment with different techniques as well as become motivated by the pictures on each page. 

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