Top Camera Bags

Photographers must take proper measures when it comes to storing their photography equipment. Tossing the electronic into your backpack isn’t really going to protect the device from scratches and cracks. Instead, you should put aside a budget for a padded camera bag.

After some heavy research, here is a list of my favorite camera bags:

#1 Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag

Want to carry around your gear like a pro? Look no further! This bag is spacious for a large DSLR body along with 2-3 different lenses. The bag also includes pockets both inside and out to allow the user to slip in extra battery packs and memory cards. The padded interior protects the gear from moving around as everything fits inside perfectly snug.


#2 Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW

Protection at its finest! This camera bag is great for either going around for a quick photo session locally or off on vacation. The best feature is that the bag separates into two different compartments, only allowing you to actually reach your equipment from the back end. Just undo the back zipper and you’ll find your gear stored securely in a removable insert. If you get tired of using this specific backpack, remove the insert and you can easily pop it into any other bag, allowing you to see for yourself how the backpack possibilities are endless!


#3 Kelly Moore Riva Bag

Who said that camera bags have to be dull and large? Kelly Moore showcases fashionable camera bags for those that want to be stylish when carrying around their camera. They range from small to large, allowing you to decide how much gear you want to carry around. The Riva bag is one of my favorites from the collection, as it is small and petite, perfect for special outings when you don’t want to be holding onto your large camera bag.


Generally speaking, having the opportunity to choose from a variety of camera bags is a great aspect in the world of photography. Not only will you be getting the right amount of protection for your gear, but you will also be able to show off your personality in the type of bag that you ultimately end up choosing.


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