When I first started photography, I used digital cameras. I grew accustomed to the automatic settings and digital zoom… but I knew that I wanted to take my photography to the next level.

The first DSLR that I ever purchased wasn’t actually the Canon 70D… it was the Canon T3i.


But, I guess you could say that the T3i and I never established a good bond with one another.

After happily walking out of the store with my new T3i, I was ecstatic! It was the first camera that would allow me to adjust the settings manually. I was free to play around with the device and take great photographs. Unfortunately, our friendship didn’t last.

Less than a month after taking the T3i home with me, I was going to be photographing a Christmas recital. The event would be the first time I would take professional photographs, and I was really happy about that. Right as I turned on the camera, it stopped working. It was almost as if it froze on a black screen. I decided to take the battery out and pop it back in, but that didn’t help. The recital was about to start and lucky for me, I always carry a backup. Although it was my digital camera… I was still able to take some great pictures. Once we got home, the T3i and I were going to have a serious conversation about the little tantrum that it had at the event that evening.

The next morning, I rushed to my local Best Buy to ask for an exchange. That was when I was introduced to the second T3i. Although this camera did not act up during an event, it still had its flaws. We were only together for about a day before it completely froze and refused to take pictures. Ugh!

Third times the charm, right? I exchanged the T3i one last time and believe it or not… it set a new record! The camera stopped working almost instantly after I walked out of the store. That’s when I turned back around and parted ways with the T3i by asking for a full refund.

R.I.P to T3i’s 1,2 & 3!

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